A Letter to my Husband

  My Love, The lights were always dim. My IV pole machine lit a tiny sliver of green on the waxed fourth floor as you lifted your contorted body from the visitor’s chair at 3 AM. Leaving sleep in your eyes, you unplugged my machine, tied my blue hospital gown, lifted me out of the […]

Jet Lag Musing

Right now, it’s 5:36AM. The birds outside have already started to converse as the sun begins to peek its head onto our porch and I’m still awake on the couch. My husband and I returned from China Wednesday night and the jet lag continues to plague us – not that we’ve really tried to push through […]

The Army and Yogurt

While moving from sea to sea on the Army’s whim, being raised in one place seemed both desirable and foreign. I could never relate to people who grew up in the same town with the same friends since Pre-K. That type of commitment seems so binding and less flexible than the consistency of inconsistent PCS (permanent change […]

Active Gratitude

I’ll just come right out and say it. I loathe doing the dishes. I’m not entirely sure if I can say the word “hate” but my feelings towards soaking my fingers into soapy water until they are pruney flirts with the hatred line. Unfortunately, my husband and I both dislike doing the dishes, so it’s […]

Circle of Friends

Over the weekend, my husband and I spent hours prepping food for our first house warming party with our friends and family. We both cleaned the house and did the chores we’re both best at doing – he was vacuuming and running errands to the grocery store for last minute items, and I was doing […]