Hi everyone! So in addition to my regular posts, I wanted to start doing some short “tidbits” on things that have either made my life easier after chemo or just normal observations. I am still going to do my regular posts – but I don’t always have that much to say! I also think there are so many changes I’ve made lifestyle-wise after diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer that I never would’ve done beforehand or things that just made our lives easier. So here’s the first tidbit!

On the subject of laundry – we have A LOT. From the three of us to dog hair covered couch blankets, our machine is always running. After chemo, I became more sensitive to smells from fabric softener to detergents. Even the Free and Clear options still had chemicals in them I didn’t want to throw on my body.

After a trip to Colorado to visit a friend, I noticed wool dryer balls bouncing around in her machine. After doing more research, a lot of people moved to reusable laundry balls for the washer and wool fabric softener.  I was skeptical, but I wanted to try it to try to do things as chemical-free as possible. After having chemo pumped into my body to save me, I really can live without.

You guys – we have stinky clothes sometimes. So I threw Kevin’s gross basket clothes, undies Shiloh had an accident in, my work clothes, and dog couch blankets into the same load. IT WORKS!!! We haven’t used anything else for two months. I wish I would’ve known sooner. It’s cheaper than detergent since they’re reusable, and I’m not paranoid about chemicals touching my body. The only thing I will say is for the washing balls to leave your washer on “pre-soak”. When we need new ones, I’ll be reordering – or when we adopt so we don’t have to use baby detergent. No chemicals in – no chemicals on! Not going to lie – I also like the BOATLOAD of money we’re saving.

Here’s a link to the laundry balls!

Here’s a link to the wool fabric softening drying balls!

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