Now I Can

I reached down and picked up Shiloh from his crib. We lowered it since his rolling and kicking made us nervous he would escape the wooden bars, and I was concerned that it would be difficult to pick him up and lay him down. He squealed and proudly showed his two crooked sprouting top teeth and nuzzled into my neck. It wasn’t until I got to the living room that I realized it wasn’t painful for my joints to hold him. I wasn’t out of breath or cold sweating – I wasn’t immediately looking for reprieve from a chair close-by – I was just enjoying him. It’s made me realize how far I’ve come since chemotherapy a few months ago.

Among the things I am now able to enjoy to the fullest:

  • holding my son, Shiloh
  • standing during the entire worship music set at church with our little family, my brother, and his friend
  • strolling around the mall with a Starbucks iced caramel macchiato in one hand and a stroller in the other – I love Sunday after church errands and shopping
  • finding a pair of awesome sunglasses for $5.00 at Ross and my UV umbrella in the car for the heat
  • walking to my summer class in the heat with a smile on my face
  • getting things ready for my classroom for next month when school starts again
  • dancing with my husband while Shiloh naps, waltzing around blankies and rainbow colored plastic toys
  • living

I could choose to complain, it’s quite easy to do, but I choose to be grateful.

Today, my choice is happiness.

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