Good People

In the most mundane places, I’ve found some of the most extraordinary people – those walking with me through my journey that I never expected. Of course I have my most sung heroes – my mom who has been with me to almost all of my chemotherapy sessions and making sure I have extra help at home on my bad days, my husband who has been a rock from the first hospital visit to late nights of crying when I don’t want to go to chemo, my mother-in-law who watches our little one while I’m getting treatments or when we just want a night out on my good days – and all of our family and friends. These people I cannot sing enough of their praises – but I knew they’d be on this journey with me.

This is about the two people I didn’t know I’d look forward to seeing – the smiling faces who agreed to go on this journey with me and offer extended love and support when they didn’t have to because it wasn’t their job – but they did anyway.

Jayashree greets me every Monday when I get my blood drawn, even when she’s not my phlebotomist. She talks about how her daughter wants leggings that look like mine, waves at me in the waiting room at the outpatient lab, and even pokes her head in if someone else is drawing my blood just to say hello. I tell her how many treatments I have left and how my son is getting so big and strong. She always embraces me with a warm smile when I tell her I’ll see her again next week – hoping she’ll do my draw but knowing she’ll greet me anyways.

Cecelia smiles at me when she sees me at the surgical outpatient lab – still shocked I am a Mrs. with a son. As she preps for the blood draw, she asks if I’ve had breakfast today and scolds me if I tell her I’ve only had a coffee this time. I look forward to her advice on breakfast foods in her beautiful Puerto Rican accent. She talks about God and after seeing CA-125 on my draw list, prays over my blood results that they would be clear and that I’d be healed from cancer. She always embraces me before I leave with a big hug that makes me want to cry every time.

These are my two ordinary angels – good people hidden in the cracks of my daily life who extended love to me beyond what they were required. Thank you.

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