Bring Your Son to Work…Semester??

Obvious – I’m pregnant.

Infer – You can infer I’m exhausted by the shadows under my eyes.

Reveal – When you’re talking to me, I’m trying my best to focus while my son is practicing Taekwondo in my tummy.

I walked into work on Monday with exhaustion draped over my shoulders, and I’m sure the dark circles under my eyes looked more like I was cage fighting late at night rather than sleep deprivation. Typically, I’m a morning person with adrenaline and caffeine coursing through my body to push me through, much to my husband’s chagrin, but I just couldn’t sleep well on Sunday night. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to be back at work!

I have to admit – I’ve been incredibly bored during the summer and was ready to get settled into my new classroom since I moved high schools to be closer to home…and a moolah jump! The students will roll in on Monday, and I’m just now adjusted to bringing an active belly to work. This includes keeping a straight face when people are speaking to me and he moves, locating the nearest faculty commode, and stashing emergency food in my drawers like it’s Y2K all over again.

The hardest aspects of going to work anywhere with a protruding tummy are the collection of sympathetic glances you receive and the limitations of your body. Sometimes I feel like I have to apologize for my lack of complete self-sufficiency. As I stood up about an hour ago, the full impact of my son’s weight punched my bladder and the thought of the adobo chicken thigh I packed for lunch made my stomach demand sustenance. Transporting the over 300 classroom books into my new room from our apartment has also been a very slow process as I can only carry two bags a day into work.

These are not a series of “oh, pity me” statements but rather a declaration of the acceptance of my limitations. While my brain and past experience repetitiously demands more out of myself as a working professional, my son’s kicks and husband’s support sing a beautiful melody sounding something like, “You are okay. You are growing a human. This is the hardest thing you’ve ever done.” The demands and melodies create a terrible cacophony daily.

This, my friends, is the grand pregnancy struggle of the working mom!

Obvious – I’m pregnant and working a full-time job.

Infer – You can infer I am off my game because I keep forgetting things.

Reveal – This is the weakest and the most courageous I’ve ever felt.

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