Circle of Friends

Over the weekend, my husband and I spent hours prepping food for our first house warming party with our friends and family. We both cleaned the house and did the chores we’re both best at doing – he was vacuuming and running errands to the grocery store for last minute items, and I was doing laundry and prepping food to be cooked the next morning. We looked like a well oiled machine – popping in and out of cabinets and spare bedrooms with music playing on our tv and rags and pots in our hands, never missing a beat or bumping into each other.

At 11PM, the house was finally complete and the food was prepped and waiting. We fell into sleep so quickly and were up bright and early to start cooking and doing last minute prep. I’m pretty sure there were moments when we were thinking, “So, why are we having people over again?” This is mostly because we’re hermits and are content with sitting on the couch with a movie and snacking during the weekend – just the two of us – and our cats of course.

Noon came quickly on Saturday as we were both frying our overnight marinated wings in a deep fryer we put on our registry. The aroma of all the food on the stove and our tile and wooden table seeped through the windows and permeated the distance between our apartment door and arriving cars. Needless to day, most of our friends and family knew exactly which apartment we were in.  We hugged and welcomed our friends and family who we see often and some we hadn’t seen since the wedding. It was very much a gathering of introverts – all of whom love food.

From noon until nine, we sat on couches and lounged on carpeted floors while snacking on wings and brownies. FX played three movies which we said were stupid but we all watched eagerly and took quiet naps on corners with throw blankets. Once, we ventured outdoors for some games and a quiet walk where the most entertaining activity was playing on the exercise stations in the neighborhood, then we went back indoors for more board games and couches and every flavor of Klondike bars.

When our friends and family had filed out, with full bellies and droopy eyes, Kevin and I sat in silence before sleeping. We realized how much family we have surrounding us and how we really did exactly what we would’ve done with just the two of us. We had the most introverted but relaxing day with our friends and family – curled up on the couches and stuffing our bellies. There is an importance to spending time with others because without them, they cannot exist in our memories of laughter with special hot sauce, egg roulette, and Trump jokes.



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