Things college taught us

A few days ago the rain was pouring, and we had more than fifteen thin plastic bags of groceries in the trunk from Giant. I dreaded getting out because we would have to rush to get all of the bags and hope they’d all fit on our forearms. We popped the trunk after parking and made a dash to the back of the car, cringing from the cold droplets and decorating each arm with the bags as fast as we could. When we reached the top of stairs to our apartment door, I realized we were both adorned with more than ten bags a piece. The plastic strands were digging welts into our arms as we laughed and mentioned that college probably taught us to only made one trip from the car or store.

It made me think of all the other odd things we learned from our four years. I feel I was the prettiest but also probably the grossest in college. Every time I’m having a day when I’m feeling less than beautiful, like when I’m recovering from a cold or just bumming it without makeup or a shower while eating pork rinds and dill pickles on the couch, my husband always looks at me with affection. While I’m thinking it’s a rosy lens he’s viewing through, his remark is always, “Nothing is worse than Mexico.” This is the same response I give him when he comes home from basketball with his friends and is drenched in five layers of sweat in a tshirt I thought I threw away last month. That much is true. When we went on a mission trip to Mexico in my sophomore year, no matter how many frigid showers we took, the sweat and dirt would cake on our skin and hair. We had an everlasting sweat stain on our clothes which I still can’t wash out. We learned to love each other even when we’re ugly.

Another skill from college, prioritizing chores, which doesn’t always work out, is something we’re still balancing. Many times in college, we sacrificed reading check quizzes, BINGO night, or skipped a class or two together to just walk the campus and sit on the benches. Of course, we had to catch up and make up for the missing pieces and may have misprioritized a few times, but it was a learning process.

There is an ever marching line of dirty clothes headed toward our puny stacked washer and dryer. It’s quite amazing how two people can produce so many dirty clothes in a week, and I’m convinced they procreate in the hamper. Our very own Chopped show is produced nightly in the kitchen as we experiment and refine our culinary skills with only our dishes and pots suffering; however, instead of spending the entire night soaking our hands in dish soap or laundry detergent, we curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee, Sherlock and Watson, and each other and watched tv. Of course those chores are waiting for us, counting down the last minutes until our work week is up tonight so we can give them attention, but I don’t regret spending time together. We will eventually get those chores finished and put away, but we won’t be able to get those moments with each other back – it would’ve already passed – and for that, I am unapologetic.

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