Laughter and Shadow Puppets

Yesterday, after a fairly large dinner, Kevin and I plopped into bed at 9:30PM and hit the lights. Sherlock took the cue and leaped onto the bed, settling in his usual spot on Kevin’s leg at the edge of the bed. The light of our newly purchased R2D2 humidifier cast a half moon spotlight on the ceiling. While we had other plans in mind, I wouldn’t help but put my hand in the path of the light and make a puny little figure speaking soundless words. After a minute, my husband joined in, making a much larger figure which attempted to kiss then gobble up my hand on the ceiling stage. We couldn’t help but laugh and play along, contorting our hands to various shapes and animals and creating a nonsensical comedy. Sometimes our hands wouldn’t make a shape and the only cast shadow was a blob fighting another blob in an epic battle scene, but regardless, our mouths curled and hysterical laughs echoed in our home.

It’s those moments when I value what could not be rushed or manufactured; our deep friendship with one another. I can admit our journey was long but what we gained as a reward for our patience was and still is a companionship which is enhanced and perfected by love. We laugh often and probably in situations when it doesn’t quite make sense. Sometimes the only thing to do is laugh. We laugh at our awkwardness and stubbornness and in those intimate moments where the fibers of romance and friendship intertwine.

Friendship and romance do not have to sacrifice to one as they are the core of each other. One needs the other, and marriage, I’m finding, needs friendship and romance packaged with laughter.

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